We craft your technology into elegantly engineered document

We are the passionate team with extensive expertise in the technical authoring domain and core competence in the engineering space will bring significant and comprehensive solutions in Technical Documentation for your business and product successes.

Art, Science and Craft of the Technical Writing

Global Tech Authors understands the targeted engineer’s mindset, their thinking style and expectations in detailed way and our team’s diverse engineering background enable us to very quickly understand your products and solutions effectively. With this knowledge, we tune our methods, process and documenting technologies to craft the best documents for you.

We bring lot of industrial knowledge, best practices and proven frameworks to convert highly complex engineering information into clear, comprehensive and easily understood information.

We are 24 authentic people, globally growing flat team in agile way who strongly focus in creating values in customer’s business value-stream. We organize our-self, measure on results, learn and consistently bring best to our customers. That is the secrete of our successful existence for past decade.

We have vast experiences in crafting a range of deliverable in diverse customers across multiple domains

Our modular and structured content creation technique seamlessly work for high effective reuse of content and enhance the information architecture into highly customized in below industries


  • Datasheet
  • Engineering manuals
  • User manuals
  • Reference manuals
  • Configuration manuals
  • Hardware manuals
  • Maintenance manual
  • Feature manuals
  • Installation manuals


  • Training guides
  • Technical provisioning guides
  • Quick reference guides
  • System technician guides
  • Application and Interfaces (API) guides
  • Administration guides


  • Illustrative release notes
  • Online help
  • Leaflet
  • Technical brochures

We deliver structured and non-structured data and maximize the content reuse with topic based authoring

Few of the key tools we play everyday

Get set go.

Making of beautiful professional life

We want to create unique professional business life in this industry instead of just doing for the sake of business. We carefully take assignments where you and our team members are mutually enjoying the work each and every day and both feel fully satisfied on deliverable.

Lets understand each other

We do not appoint sales managers to impress you. We have secure box, where you can post your requirements / draft work. As a trial work, the identified author from our team will understand your needs, craft, beautify and send it to you. You can practically get to know our ways of working and Quality of the work and also, we understand you better to work with you for next 10+ years.

Work together for long

Once we start the assignments with you, we form the virtual micro company setup with the range of 1 to 7 members team with long term commitments. The team will only work for your business and contribute to your business successes.

Secure and Confidential way of handling data

Highly secure workstations with 3rd party security audits to ensure the information and data are secure enough and only authorized member have access to content and transferred the data in encrypted format. All our authors signed NDA and legally protect customer's all type of confidential and proprietary information.

Team characteristics

We as a team hardly believe in hierarchy, appraisals, promotions and designations. We all believe in ourself, do the best, create value in our services. Our team is having following characteristics and we would like to welcome new heros with same characteristics for expanding our team.

If you also have these qualities, we are hiring...

Rédacteur technique - France

Rédacteur technique - France - maintenance électromécanique & compétences dans le domaine documentaire.

Technique en mécanique - France

Rédacteur / Rédactrice technique en mécanique - France - technique supérieure (bac + 2 à bac + 5) - connaissances techniques en électromécanique et en automatisme.

Technical Author - U.K / India

Technical Author - U.K / India - 10 Years experiences

About us

Happiness in core business

"Global Tech Authors" is part of Global Enablers Enterprises® providing more specialized and customized services in technical authoring domain in electronics, semiconductors, electricals and mechanical engineering with product and service based businesses in B2B, B2C and B2X area. The firm was established with multiple decades of technical experiences and structured in lean and mean format to do businesses across the globe in unique way. We hire highly talented people who are self-managed, and having lots of self-respect who just focuses on delivering best value-adds from their experiences and get paid in premium. Once again we would like to mention that we carefully take assignments where our customers and our team members are mutually enjoying the work every day and both feel fully satisfied with overall business what we are doing.